Story Telling – eng


My name is Katia Bonesso,

daughter of Venetian artisans who lived in Venice for generations. My parents passed on to me traditions, legends and the history of this magical city. I now live in a beautiful city called Treviso, but don’t miss to visit my dear Venice almost every day.

After graduating I worked and cooperated with ArteTeatroDanza, a cultural association based in Venice. The best memory I hold dearly in my heart is when I had the unique opportunity to escort the Master Mr. Rudolf Nureyev along the narrow venetian streets for a whole day.

During my professional career I acquired management and logistic skills with a special focus in organization and teamwork.

I am a registered Tour Leader with a valid Italian License for English and French languages and I am currently working in cooperation with important local and international Tour Operators.

Empathy is a core value for this extraordinary job. Tour leaders are to quickly and sharply understand the situation happening and the best suitable activities to be proposed in that specific moment. From the outside it might look all the same but professionals know how every opportunity shows completely different nuances and outcomes.

I have a huge passion for the theatre, arts and above all traveling because I am extremely curious about getting to know different cultures and people.

It will be my pleasure to share with you my knowledge and my passions, with the aim to be able to make you feel some emotions that belong to my life and the history of this breathtaking country, with the hope that these feelings will accompany you all the way back home.

See you soon !